Question - Side Trip to Kauai?

We received this follow-up question by email: Would a "side trip" to Kauai for 3 days be worth it or would you suggest we went there for a longer stay the next time we come through? --Max. --------------- Answer: It really depends on how long you plan to spend on the Big Island.  I recently had a friend spend time both on Kauai and the Big … [Read more...]

Question - Which side of the Big Island is more Touristy?

We received this question by email: We are planning a trip to the big island, but cannot find which side is the most touristy. Is it the Hilo side or the Kailua side? should we just arrive and play it by ear? i.e hire a car and find accommodations? --Max. -------------------------------------------- Answer: The Kona-side of the Island (western … [Read more...]

Question - Difficulty in Kayaking Kona

We received the following question by email: We are looking at doing the “Kayak the Sea Caves Near Honaunau” as that looks like loads of fun, and we will be doing the Captain Cook trip as well…based off your recommendation of that as well. Anyways we just want to make sure that a trip like this doesn’t warrant a large amount of “open … [Read more...]

Question - Tsunami Damage to Kona

We received the following question by email: Hi.  Coming to Hawaii in July 2011.  Spending most time on Kauai.  Would like to come to Kona and hike and see volcano/lava.  Was there any damage from storms that would prevent us from doing that in Kona? ------------------------------- Answer: Most of Kona is back to normal following the … [Read more...]

Question - Hiking the Muliwai Trail to Waimanu Valley

This question was received by email: In planning a trip to Hawaii for later this year your site has been very, very helpful in sorting out things to see and do. Hopefully you will also be able to help me fill in a few details. I am really, really looking forward to hiking the Muliwai Trail that goes from Waipio Valley to the Waimanu Valley and … [Read more...]

Question - Where to Buy Camping Fuel and Trekking Food?

This question was submitted by email: We are heading for Big Island this May. We are doing some backpacking. Therefore my question: Are there any stores around where to buy camping gas and trekking food? Derk  ---------------------------------------------- Answer: Derk,  You can buy camping fuel (white gas and /or large Coleman canisters) … [Read more...]

Reader Comment - Shark Sighting at Kukio Beach

Reader comment submitted via email: We drove all the way to Kukio beach but it was closed due to a Tiger shark sighting. Is there a web site to check for closures, etc? Thank you.  PS I would like to have gone in to see if we could have seen a triangle fin sticking out of the water. --Brad. -------------------- Reply: Brad, Sorry to hear about … [Read more...]

Question - Renting Kayaks at Captain Cook

We received this question by email: We'd like to rent a double kayak to see the Cook monument and to snorkle. Can we do this on the spot, or should we reserve in advance? What is the cost of the kayak rental and permit? --Tom O. -------- Answer: There are no kayak rentals at Kealakeua Bay itself (the launch point where you start your paddle to … [Read more...]

Question - 4Wheeling with a Rental Car

The following question was submitted to us via email: Hi, I'm planning to rent a Jeep on my vacation to the Big Island and was wondering why most rental companies do not allow travel on Saddle Road (off-roading)? Also, have you heard any stories of the consequences if the rental companies find out if you have taken their vehicle "off-road"? And … [Read more...]

Question: Where to Stay on the Big Island

This question was received via email: We would like a side of The Big Island where we can drive to the Volcano. Some of us want to do the helicopter tour, but we want it to be more tropical, more restaurants, and more things to see and do. Do we need to book a hotel in Kona or Hilo?  - Glenn A. --------------- Glenn, We've written a … [Read more...]