Kona, Hawaii Hotels


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Question - Planning a Trip to Kauai, Molokai, Big Island

We received the following question by email: We, family of 4, are planning to visit Hawaii for the first time for 7 days in the first week of Mar'12. We have picked Kauai, Big Island & Molokai.We are interested in scenic areas, little bit of hiking,flora & fauna, whale watching sights,& anything that you can suggest. How much will the … [Read more...]

Question - Which side of the Big Island is more Touristy?

We received this question by email: We are planning a trip to the big island, but cannot find which side is the most touristy. Is it the Hilo side or the Kailua side? should we just arrive and play it by ear? i.e hire a car and find accommodations? --Max. -------------------------------------------- Answer: The Kona-side of the Island (western … [Read more...]

Question: Where Should I Stay?

A Question was emailed to us: I am planning a trip May 6-10 2009. I have a 8 year old son and my boyfriend. I need to find a hotel good for kids and possibly nanny service if we decide to go out one night. I also would take any suggestions as to what part of the big island is good to stay. Thank you, Stacey -------------- Answer: Stacey, We … [Read more...]