Question - Side Trip to Kauai?

We received this follow-up question by email:

Would a “side trip” to Kauai for 3 days be worth it or would you suggest we went there for a longer stay the next time we come through? -Max.


Answer: It really depends on how long you plan to spend on the Big Island.  I recently had a friend spend time both on Kauai and the Big Island on his honeymoon.  I remember him telling me “if I’m going to fly all the way to Hawaii, then I better see more than one island.”  Yes, that is true…. but only if you can actually spend enough time on each of the islands so that you can enjoy yourself.  I recently did a trip to Hawaii from the mainland and spent one week on Kauai and one week on the Big Island - that seemed to be the perfect amount of time so that I could explore Kauai as well as visit family and friends on the Big Island without feeling rushed.

Remember to factor in checking into and out of your hotels as well as inter-island travel time.  It is true each Hawaiian Island is unique and I recommend everyone experience each island while on vacation.  However, it is easy to get caught up and feel compelled to “do it all” in just a few days.

To answer the above question, I would recommend you spend at least 5 days on the Big Island in addition to the 3 days on Kauai.  Otherwise your trip may end up being a race around each island while trying to hit all the big attractions and take your souvenir photos.  Take a look at our Big Island Travel Itineraries page to see some recommended itineraries for your Big Island vacation.  The last thing you want is to travel to Hawaii for a relaxing vacation and end up rushing and unable to enjoy your holiday.

Lastly, remember, the Big Island is truly vast.  You will not tire or “see it all” in a few days as you might on Oahu.  The island is big, with contrasting climates, vegetation, and beaches.  Enjoy your trip!

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