Kiholo Bay, Kona

I finally found the trail that leads you from Highway 19 to Kiholo Bay. Kiholo Bay is like an oasis surrounded by the barren Kona lava fields and twisted brush and trees. There is a black sand beach on one end and a beautiful tree-lined inlet on the other end. There are various clear-water ponds brimming with fish in and around the bay. You can see Kiholo Bay from the scenic overlook at mile-marker 82 on Highway 19. It’s about a one-mile hike from the highway to Kiholo Bay. It wasn’t as easy as I thought to find the trail from the parking area on Highway 19 (about miles north of the overlook). I had the parking area coordinates in my GPS (N19.8520, W155.9133), but I still had to search for the faint trail (N19.5104, W155.5449). Then it was fairly easy following the trail towards the ocean. There is a family of wild goats that lives in the brush alongside the trail - keep an eye out for them - I was able to photograph the adult, adolescent and even two of the young “kids”. Continuing on the trail you will eventually pass a twisted dried-out trees off to the right of the trail - the trees and underbrush are so dense that taking a short-cut through them proved impossible. The day was pretty hot and I was glad I brought my water bottle with me! I continued past a gated entrance and eventually passed many palm trees a few shallow ponds in the shady beneath the trees, and finally I started to see sand as I approached the shore. I was excited - for the many many times I had spotted this little oasis from the highway, I never knew how to get to this place. I was finally here!

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