Question - Which side of the Big Island is more Touristy?

We received this question by email: We are planning a trip to the big island, but cannot find which side is the most touristy. Is it the Hilo side or the Kailua side? should we just arrive and play it by ear? i.e hire a car and find accommodations? --Max. -------------------------------------------- Answer: The Kona-side of the Island (western … [Read more...]

Kilauea Lava Flow

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Reader Comment - Shark Sighting at Kukio Beach

Reader comment submitted via email: We drove all the way to Kukio beach but it was closed due to a Tiger shark sighting. Is there a web site to check for closures, etc? Thank you.  PS I would like to have gone in to see if we could have seen a triangle fin sticking out of the water. --Brad. -------------------- Reply: Brad, Sorry to hear about … [Read more...]

Kona Honu Divers - Review

Kona Honu Divers 74-5583 Luhia Street, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 (808) 324-4668 Kona Honu Divers is locally owned and operated. From the moment you step into the shop or prepared to board one of our boats, the "Honu One" or the "Honu Iki", you become part of our "ohana" or family. The 46' "Honu One" and 36' "Honu Iki" are custom built dive boats. … [Read more...]

Question: Where to Stay on the Big Island

This question was received via email: We would like a side of The Big Island where we can drive to the Volcano. Some of us want to do the helicopter tour, but we want it to be more tropical, more restaurants, and more things to see and do. Do we need to book a hotel in Kona or Hilo?  - Glenn A. --------------- Glenn, We've written a … [Read more...]

Snorkeling at Pawai Bay

I had heard about Pawai Bay while searching the internet for snorkeling locations in Kona. I have snorkeled most of the Big Island and am constantly searching for new places to snorkel and SCUBA dive. I read that charter boats take snorkelers to Pawai Bay and decided I wanted to go and check it out. I found out that although this bay is somewhat … [Read more...]