Question: Spending One Day on the Big Island

We received the following question via email: I will have one day on Hawaii in June 2010 with my 18yrs old daughter. Should we rent a 4-wheel to drive around all day or take one of the bike tours out of Hilo? - Jack D. -------------- The first thing I will tell you is you should have planned to spend more time on the Big Island!  It is so much … [Read more...]

Question: Car Roof Rack for a Kayak

Here is a question we received by email: We are coming to the Big Island in Feb.  We are renting from an ohana that has a tandem kayak that we may use.  We will be having a rental car that will not have racks on it.  The homeowner has straps for the kayak but their rack is a permanent fixture.  Is it possible to protect the roof with a tarp … [Read more...]

Question: Hotel during Ironman Triathlon

Below is an email question we received from one of our readers:My husband is competing in the Kona Ironman, Oct 10th. I need a local's advice on where to stay that is family oriented. We have two kids (5 & 6 yrs). I'll be by myself most of the time while my husband is focusing on the race. We'll be in Kona Oct 3-11th. ------------------Answer: … [Read more...]

Winter Weather in Kailua-Kona

The following was a question emailed to us:We are looking forward to the Kailua-Kona area. We have never been in early December or the middle of January. Just wondering what the weather would be at that time.Thank You,Ron & Miriam--------------------------Answer:Ron and Miriam, your winter weather (Dec and Jan) is mild and still extremely … [Read more...]

Question: Where Should I Stay?

A Question was emailed to us: I am planning a trip May 6-10 2009. I have a 8 year old son and my boyfriend. I need to find a hotel good for kids and possibly nanny service if we decide to go out one night. I also would take any suggestions as to what part of the big island is good to stay. Thank you, Stacey -------------- Answer: Stacey, We … [Read more...]

Question: Where Can I View the Lava Flow?

One of our users emailed us the following question:Can you tell me if it's currently (and has been recently) possible to hike to the lava flow & see it relatively close up? Or is the only way to see it via helicopter?Thanks, Dan-----------------------------Answer:Dan, Because the volcano lava flow is so unpredictable, the best thing to do is … [Read more...]

Car Security at Big Island Dive Sites

Below is a question submitted by one of our users:Comments: I am planning on diving on the Big Island this March and really appreciate the reviews on the shore diving sites. I was wondering if vehicles are frequently broken into while they are parked at the dive sites? For example at Puako Village End. ThanksBill-------------------Bill,When … [Read more...]