Big Island Hawaii Petroglyphs

Pu'u Loa Petroglyphs

Attractions: scenic drive, ancient Hawaiian carvings Activities: hiking, petroglyph viewing Extras: parking lot at the trail head Ancient Hawaiians called their stone art k'i’i pohaku, or images in stone. The k'i’i pohaku are petroglyphs, which comes from the greek words, "petros" for rock, and "glyphein" to carve. This rock art … [Read more...]

Question - Tsunami Damage to Kona

We received the following question by email: Hi.  Coming to Hawaii in July 2011.  Spending most time on Kauai.  Would like to come to Kona and hike and see volcano/lava.  Was there any damage from storms that would prevent us from doing that in Kona? ------------------------------- Answer: Most of Kona is back to normal following the … [Read more...]

New Kilauea Lava Flow Ravages Kalapana

Late July 2010 has brought a re-invigorated lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The Pu'u O'o vent has brought shifting lava flows over the years - many have been inocuous ocean entry lava flows that culminate in orange oozing lava being doused by the Pacific Ocean along the rocky coast.  But recently, the lava flow … [Read more...]

Crater Rim Drive - Overview

The centerpiece of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the 11-mile Crater Rim Drive that circles Kilauea's summit caldera.  If you only have a few hours in the park, this is a good way to hit the main attractions. While circling the Kilauea caldera, this road passes through rainforest and desert, while providing access to numerous … [Read more...]