Question - Snorkeling near Hilo

Hawaiian Honu at Leleiwi Beach Park, Hilo

Hawaiian Honu at Leleiwi Beach Park, Hilo

We received the following question by email:

My husband and I are spending two nights in Hilo at the end of October and don’t have accommodations yet. Before we make any reservations, I’d like to get an idea of where we can find good snorkeling in the area. I’d appreciate your help.




Sheila, although the best snorkeling on the Big Island is over on the Kona side of the island, there are a few good snorkeling locations near Hilo.

Start by referring to our Hilo Snorkeling Guide page.  Here, you will see that we recommend snorkeling at both Leleiwi Beach Park and Richardson Ocean Center.

Enjoy your trip to the Big Island!

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