Adventure: Hiking the Waipio Valley

Paddle Boarders Deep in the Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley: Hawaii’s Garden of Eden Waipio Valley, often called the Valley of the Kings, is easily among the most beautiful places in the world. It is considered the cradle of life for Hawaiians. Few sites on the planet combine its rich history with such lush vegetation and pristine beaches. It stands out on the Hamakua coast as a popular … [Read more...]

Waipio Valley - Virtual Tour

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Waipi’o Valley, Hawaii

The Beautiful Waipi'o Valley Located along the Hamakua Coast on the northeastern coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i, Waipi'o Valley is the largest and southernmost of the seven valleys on the windward side of the KohalaMountains. Waipi'o is a mile wide at the coast and almost six miles deep. At the coast there is a beautiful black sand beach … [Read more...]

Question - Hiking the Muliwai Trail to Waimanu Valley

This question was received by email: In planning a trip to Hawaii for later this year your site has been very, very helpful in sorting out things to see and do. Hopefully you will also be able to help me fill in a few details. I am really, really looking forward to hiking the Muliwai Trail that goes from Waipio Valley to the Waimanu Valley and … [Read more...]

Photo of the Week - Waipio Valley

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Big Island Adventures with Kids (Part 4 – Waipio Valley)

I've hiked into the Waipio Valley several times - most recently about 2 years ago.  Ever since then I've wanted to return, yet again, to explore further and to really enjoy the beauty and serenity of this magnificent valley.  With a 4 and 3 year old on the trip with me this time, I thought it would be best to drive into the valley - which I … [Read more...]

Hiking the Waipio Valley

I had not hiked the Waipio Valley in over a decade - and I had a never ending burning desire to hike in this remote and austere valley. I read about some of the majestic waterfalls that lay hidden deep in the valley - only to be seen by adventurous hikers. I zeroed my sights in on the famous Hiilawe Falls - a 1400 foot high waterfall at the back … [Read more...]