Question - Difficulty in Kayaking Kona

We received the following question by email: We are looking at doing the “Kayak the Sea Caves Near Honaunau” as that looks like loads of fun, and we will be doing the Captain Cook trip as well…based off your recommendation of that as well. Anyways we just want to make sure that a trip like this doesn’t warrant a large amount of “open … [Read more...]

Question - Renting Kayaks at Captain Cook

We received this question by email: We'd like to rent a double kayak to see the Cook monument and to snorkle. Can we do this on the spot, or should we reserve in advance? What is the cost of the kayak rental and permit? --Tom O. -------- Answer: There are no kayak rentals at Kealakeua Bay itself (the launch point where you start your paddle to … [Read more...]

Question: Car Roof Rack for a Kayak

Here is a question we received by email: We are coming to the Big Island in Feb.  We are renting from an ohana that has a tandem kayak that we may use.  We will be having a rental car that will not have racks on it.  The homeowner has straps for the kayak but their rack is a permanent fixture.  Is it possible to protect the roof with a tarp … [Read more...]

The Big Island Hates Kayakers

Most of my previous posts have been mini travelogues about my adventures on the Big Island. This post I want to talk about something that has puzzled me. As you can tell from this blog and the website I am an avid kayaker. I have been kayaking for many years now, exclusively in the ocean. My main interests include surf kayaking - that is riding the … [Read more...]