Question - How to Reserve Camp Site at Spencer Beach

We received this question via email: Hello, I`m looking for an email address from Spencer Beach Park to make a reservation for the campground. May you help me for this request? Thank you, wishes from Aniketa ----------------------------------------------- Answer: Aniketa, the best thing to do if you are interested in reserving a camp ground … [Read more...]

Reader Comment - Shark Sighting at Kukio Beach

Reader comment submitted via email: We drove all the way to Kukio beach but it was closed due to a Tiger shark sighting. Is there a web site to check for closures, etc? Thank you.  PS I would like to have gone in to see if we could have seen a triangle fin sticking out of the water. --Brad. -------------------- Reply: Brad, Sorry to hear about … [Read more...]

Big Island Has No Beaches?

I recently spoke with friends of mine that took a trip to Hawaii a few years ago. I asked them what island they went to and they responded "the Big Island - you know, the island with no beaches!" Needless to say, I was shocked that they thought of the Big Island as a place with no beaches!Certainly, there is no Waikiki equivalent on the Big Island, … [Read more...]