Question - Which side of the Big Island is more Touristy?

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We are planning a trip to the big island, but cannot find which side is the most touristy. Is it the Hilo side or the Kailua side? should we just arrive and play it by ear? i.e hire a car and find accommodations? -Max.


Answer: The Kona-side of the Island (western shore) is more touristy.  The Kona side of the Big Island is the sunnier side of the island and is where most of the big resorts and large beaches are located.  Check out our “Where to Stay on the Big Island” article with descriptions of all the major regions of the island and the pros and cons to each.

We definitely do not recommend simply “playing it by ear” — make your reservations ahead of time or you may find yourself without a hotel room (depending on the season) or you may end up in a part of the Island where you did not wish to stay.  Do your research now, book your hotel rooms online, and then enjoy your trip!

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