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Green Sea Turtle, Leleiwi Beach, Hilo

Green Sea Turtle, Leleiwi Beach, Hilo

Hawaii offers the promise of crystal- clear, azure-blue waters at temperatures averaging over 75 degrees. The temperature of our waters varies only five degrees from the hottest day in August to the coldest day in February. On a bright, sunny day there can frequently be up to 100 feet of visibility underneath the ocean’s surface, creating ideal snorkeling and scuba diving conditions. This is due to the makeup of the ocean floor, which is predominantly lava rock or coral reef with little silt or sand.

Enjoy the spectacular waters first hand while snorkeling or scuba diving.  Observe the endangered Hawaiian Sea Turtle and swim with Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.  Keep an eye out for frequent whale sightings.  Kayak the serene waters and explore sea caves.  Take a Virtual Tour of a Hawaiian Coral Reef

Turtle at Honaunau


Yellow Margin Moray Eel


Hawaii Spinner Dolphins at Honaunau


Snorkeling the Big Island

Hawaii Snorkeling
Swim the calm, clear Hawaiian waters while observing the thriving life below.  Swim with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Spinner Dolphins and scores of colorful fish.  Snorkeling is relaxing and easy to do.  Rent your snorkeling gear if you don’t own your own - and don’t forget to bring an underwater camera!  Check out our Snorkeling guides for Kona andHilo sides of the Big Island.

SCUBA Diving Kona

Hawaii Diving
Dive below the surface and experience the 100-feet of visibility.  Swim through spectacular sea arches and lava tubes.  Watch the wonderful underwater ecosystem and vibrant coral reefs.  SCUBA dive from a boat or from shore; even take your first lesson or get certified here in Hawaii!  The diving on the Big Island is considered the best of the main Hawaiian Islands with vibrant coral reefs and 80-100 foot of visibility.

Kayaking into Sea Caves

Hawaii Kayak
Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the waters of Hawaii.  Kayaking is an ideal way to fully experience the stunning scenery of Hawaii.  Venture to your own remote beach, kayak among a pod of dolphins, explore austere sea caves.  Kayaks are easy to use and versatile with plenty of room for all your gear.  Check out our detailed Big Island Kayak Tips.

Kona Manta Ray in the Afternoon

Kona Manta Ray in the Afternoon

Manta Ray Dive
As you sit among the other divers on the ocean’s sandy bottom, the bright underwater lights shining into the darkness attract clouds of plankton.  In perfect harmony and with impressive agility, the manta rays glide through the water above, around, and even in between divers.  Today, many tour providers also will take on snorkelers for the evening.  You cannot miss this world-class dive!

Sea Turtle at Honaunau, Place of Refuge

Sea Turtle at Honaunau, Place of Refuge

Hawaiian Sea Turtle
You can see the Hawaiian Sea Turtles (Honu) at virtually any Kona beach.  If the waters are clear, you can snorkel or dive with them and enjoy a truly unique opportunity!  If you are interested in observing the Green Sea Turtle in the wild - visit the Big Island of Hawaii — you won’t be disappointed.


Ocean Gear

SCUBA Diving &
Snorkeling Gear

Wetsuits &
Rash Guards
Underwater Cameras


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Hawaii Ocean Activities


Body Glove Snorkel Dolphin Sail
Body Glove SnorkelGo sailing with Body Glove Cruises - see playful Hawaii dolphins, and snorkel with brilliantly colored tropical fish and sea turtles on a snorkeling adventure at Pawai Bay, near Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii!  The whole family will love the 15-foot waterslide, and the high-dive platform makes a big “splash” with the kids, as well as those who are kids at heart.

Fair Wind Kealakekua Bay Snorkel
Captain Cook Snorkel Slide down the Fair Wind II’s water slide into the pristine waters of Kealakekua Bay, a marine sanctuary, and enjoy snorkeling or diving with 80-100 feet visibility!  Everything you’ll need for snorkeling is provided – masks, snorkels, fins, etc.

Sea Caves Snorkel and Kayak Adventure
Kayak the Sea CavesKayak along beautiful sea cliffs, over underwater lava tubes, into mysterious sea caves and go snorkeling in aqua waters filled with tropical reef fish!  After traveling along sea cliffs adorned with interesting arches and blowholes, you’ll kayak into a sea cave with pink walls and electric blue waters.  Explore a protected, clear, calm cove for snorkeling and swimming.

Sea Quest Ocean Rafting Adventure
Sea Quest Ocean Rafting AdventureJoin Sea Quest for a rafting adventure along the Kona Coast! Explore lava tubes and sea caves, and enjoy snorkeling at the Place of Refuge and Captain Cooks Landing!  After snorkeling, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking cruise along the Kona Coast taking in the spectacular coastline and exploring ancient lava tubes and sea caves.

Deep Sea Fishing
Kona Deep Sea FishingExplore Kona’s world-famous fishing grounds aboard the Sea Wife II, and keep your catch! Without a doubt, this is the best sportfishing value on the Big Island.  Share a trip or on an Exclusive Charter, the Captain and crew of Sea Wife Charters are friendly, experienced and will work hard to find that fish you are looking for! You can expect to catch Mahi Mahi, Ono, tuna, short nose spearfish, striped marlin or smaller blue marlin and much more.

Atlantis Submarine Adventure Kona
Atlantis Submarine AdventureDescend 100 feet to explore a 25-acre natural Hawaiian coral reef and its inhabitants aboard a 48-passenger submarine!  Every dive is unique and you never know what you will see… beautiful, vibrant reef fish, eels, lobster… maybe even a turtle or a reef shark!


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