Question - Renting Kayaks at Captain Cook

We received this question by email:
We’d like to rent a double kayak to see the Cook monument and to snorkle. Can we do this on the spot, or should we reserve in advance? What is the cost of the kayak rental and permit? -Tom O.


There are no kayak rentals at Kealakeua Bay itself (the launch point where you start your paddle to Captain Cook). However, in the nearby town of Honalo, there are numerous kayak rental stores. We recommend renting from the Aloha Kayak Company (native Hawaiian owned) where a tandem kayak will cost you $60 per day.   I would definitely call ahead of time and reserve your kayak in advance, especially if you are planning your Captain Cook adventure in the busy tourist season.  Keep in mind, because of recent regulations, more and more visitors are opting to pay for the chartered tour to Captian Cook via boat or zodiac instead of kayaking.

As far as permitting goes, check out the details on how to obtain a Captain Cook Kayak Permit.  Permits from the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) are free, but there is a considerable amount of headache involved in trying to submit and receive your permit (fax the form ahead of time, etc.)  Even if you choose not to apply for the Captain Cook Kayak Permit, you can still kayak within Kealakekua Bay, you just cannot beach your kayak on the opposing shore (near the Captain Cook monument).  This should not inhibit you from still snorekling above the wonderful reef (you can simply pull the kayak behind you by holding the bow line as you snorkel).

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