Question - Kayaking to Capt Cook

We received this question by email: I 'm planning a trip too big island this August and I want to rent a triple kayak for me, my wife and my daughter.  We want to get to Captain Cook Monument . As we are coming from France , I try to rent it online. May you confirm that the "konaboys" is a good way and may you explain to me the way to … [Read more...]

Question - Renting Kayaks at Captain Cook

We received this question by email: We'd like to rent a double kayak to see the Cook monument and to snorkle. Can we do this on the spot, or should we reserve in advance? What is the cost of the kayak rental and permit? --Tom O. -------- Answer: There are no kayak rentals at Kealakeua Bay itself (the launch point where you start your paddle to … [Read more...]

Big Island Adventures with Kids (Part 3 - Captain Cook)

Kayaking across Kealakekua Bay

Slowly but surely, our sleep cycle is getting more steady - we are still somewhat jetlagged, waking at around 6:30AM - but at least we are going to sleep around 8-9PM, so we are getting plenty of sleep time. On this day, we decided to kayak across Kealakekua Bay to the marine sanctuary known as Captain Cook (named after the monument on the far … [Read more...]

Snorkeling at Captain Cook

      Permits Required to Beach Kayaks on Shore or at Captain Cook As of 2/23/2010, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is requiring permits for anyone seeking to land vessels (kayaks) along the Ka‘awaloa shoreline or moor at the wharf adjacent to the Captain Cook Monument in Kealakekua bay.  … [Read more...]

Captain Cook, Kealakekua Bay

Captain Cook Monument, Kealakekua Bay

Captain Cook Discovers Hawaii Captain James Cook and his ships, the Resolution and Discovery, entered the sheltered waters of Kealakekua Bay (Pathway of the God) on the morning of Jan 17, 1779, during the height of a local religious festival.  Thinking Cook was a returning God, the Hawaiians welcomed and honored him.  Strife followed, and the … [Read more...]