Question - Planning a Trip to Kauai, Molokai, Big Island

We received the following question by email: We, family of 4, are planning to visit Hawaii for the first time for 7 days in the first week of Mar'12. We have picked Kauai, Big Island & Molokai.We are interested in scenic areas, little bit of hiking,flora & fauna, whale watching sights,& anything that you can suggest. How much will the … [Read more...]

Question: Spending One Day on the Big Island

We received the following question via email: I will have one day on Hawaii in June 2010 with my 18yrs old daughter. Should we rent a 4-wheel to drive around all day or take one of the bike tours out of Hilo? - Jack D. -------------- The first thing I will tell you is you should have planned to spend more time on the Big Island!  It is so much … [Read more...]

Question: Where Should I Stay?

A Question was emailed to us: I am planning a trip May 6-10 2009. I have a 8 year old son and my boyfriend. I need to find a hotel good for kids and possibly nanny service if we decide to go out one night. I also would take any suggestions as to what part of the big island is good to stay. Thank you, Stacey -------------- Answer: Stacey, We … [Read more...]

One Day is Not Enough for the Big Island

Recently, friends of mine were visiting the Big Island from the mainland and used the website to help plan their upcoming trip. They were planning on visiting Oahu and then the Big Island. They took a look at the website and spoke with me and then started to plan their itinerary. Unfortunately, they only allowed themselves one day for the Big … [Read more...]