Question: Where Can I View the Lava Flow?

One of our users emailed us the following question:
Can you tell me if it’s currently (and has been recently) possible to hike to the lava flow & see it relatively close up? Or is the only way to see it via helicopter?
Thanks, Dan
Dan, Because the volcano lava flow is so unpredictable, the best thing to do is check the latest Kilauea volcano lava flow update, or call the Park at (808)985-6000. You can also view a map of the most current lava flow.

Depending on the conditions, you MAY be able to view lava/volcanic activity at one, some, all, or none of the below:

a.) Red-glowing vent/smoke plume from the Halemaumau Crater vent (Crater Rim Drive).
b.) Ocean entry lava flow - a 1-3 mile hike from the end of Chain of Craters Road.
c.) Surface and/or ocean entry lava flow north of the Park - accessible via county road outside of the Volcanoes National Park.

Check out our Kilauea Lava Flow web page for more details.

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  1. Sindi says:

    Just wondering if it is possible to see lava flows without long hikes or from the air. I am Sr citizen and could possibly walk maybe up to a mile as long as it is not hot and humid. Which island should I be considering for something like this?

    • letsgo-hawaii says:

      The location and viewing conditions of the Kilauea Volcano lava flow do vary almost day-to-day. Most of the visitors that view the lava flow are either hiking (several miles over uneven terrain) or viewing from a tour helicopter. However, there is a third option that might be of interest to you…

      There is at least one boat tour provider that will take visitors on a boat ride after sunset to view the lava flow ocean entry from boat. We have never done this tour so I can’t personally speak to it, but it does look interesting… Check out their official website.

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