Winter Weather in Kailua-Kona

The following was a question emailed to us:

We are looking forward to the Kailua-Kona area. We have never been in early December or the middle of January. Just wondering what the weather would be at that time.

Thank You,

Ron & Miriam



Ron and Miriam, your winter weather (Dec and Jan) is mild and still extremely enjoyable. Daytime temperatures rise into the 80s and at night drop into the 60s. Surface water temps are in the mid to high 70s.

Take caution, in the winter the western shores (Kona) can be rough with ocean swells making diving conditions less enjoyable - especially late in the day.

If you will be traveling to Waimea or Volcano, both are at higher elevations and can be cold and rainy this time of year - pack at least a fleece and rain coat.

Beachgoing in Kona is still excellent in the Winter - sunny skies will dominate. For more details check out our Big Island climate page and our Big Island weather page.

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  1. Claire says:

    We aren’t sure of how to divide our time when we visit this winter. We are allowing 7-9 days for the Big Island as we will also be visiting other islands. We like to snorkel and photograph landscapes but also want to see petropglpyhs, the volcano and the observatory in Hilo. How would you suggest we divid our time. Thank you for your help with my question.

    • letsgo-hawaii says:


      First, please check out our article on the Regions of the Big Island. Next, check out our suggested Big Island Travel Itineraries to give you an idea of how to manage your time and see attractions in each region.

      The best snorkeling and diving is located on the Kona side of the island. But, the volcano, many petroglyphs, and the Onizuka Observatory are located near Hilo. You will need to decide how many days to spend in Kona… and how many days to spend in Hilo. Then, I would recommend getting a hotel in Hilo (for 4 nights) and Kona (for 5 nights). However, you may find that you only wish to spend one or two days looking at the attractions near Hilo. It really depends on how much you wish to see and what activities you are interested in (for example, hiking at the Volcano or Waipio Valley).

      I’d be happy to help you more if you fill me in with your plans.

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