Backcountry Hiking Plans

My brother and I have laid out some plans to do some backcountry overnight hiking on the Big Island sometime in the next several months. I have wanted to hike deep beyond the Pololu Valley, past the Honokane Nui and beyond. I previously read a blog (that I can no longer find online) that described a wonderful hike many valleys beyond the Pololu, … [Read more...]

Hiking the Waipio Valley

I had not hiked the Waipio Valley in over a decade - and I had a never ending burning desire to hike in this remote and austere valley. I read about some of the majestic waterfalls that lay hidden deep in the valley - only to be seen by adventurous hikers. I zeroed my sights in on the famous Hiilawe Falls - a 1400 foot high waterfall at the back … [Read more...]

Hike to the Active Lava Flow

We decided to hike once again to watch the active lava flow of Kilauea volcano at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We have done this many times now, but wanted to do it once more - plus, we have some new camera equipment that we wanted to try out. As usual, we stopped in to the visitor's center to ask them about the lava conditions and how long … [Read more...]

Hike the Pololu Valley

We revisited the Pololu Valley and hiked down to the bottom once more. Previously, earthquake damage had closed the Pololu Valley trail, but it is once again open - and it is a hike that you must do! The scenery is breath-taking with the rough ocean waves crashing against the sea cliffs and black sand beach on one side, and the densely forrested … [Read more...]