Question: Are weddings allowed on Punalu'u Beach?

We received this question via email: Are weddings allowed on Punalu'u Beach? ---------------------------------- Answer: Punalu'u Beach Park is a operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  There is no restriction that bars weddings from happening at Punalu'u Beach.  Beach weddings are very popular in Hawaii - and specifically on the … [Read more...]

Big Island Adventures with Kids (Part 4 – Waipio Valley)

I've hiked into the Waipio Valley several times - most recently about 2 years ago.  Ever since then I've wanted to return, yet again, to explore further and to really enjoy the beauty and serenity of this magnificent valley.  With a 4 and 3 year old on the trip with me this time, I thought it would be best to drive into the valley - which I … [Read more...]

Big Island Adventures with Kids (Part 2 - Hilo/Hamakua)

Our second day on the Big Island started off much like the first - with a jet-lagged wake up at about 5:00AM. Soon after we were on our way to Ken's House of Pancakes for breakfast. This diner has been a fixture in Hilo for as long as I can remember. It is an interesting blend of pancake house food with island (local kine) flair. After some eggs, … [Read more...]

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

Punaluu 06_09c4

  Punalu'u Beach Park is the most famous black sand beach on the island. This black sand beach is the most expansive and most accessible black sand beach on the Big Island. This is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery, explore the black sand beach, watch the sea turtles, and swim or snorkel. You can also spread out a blanket under a … [Read more...]