Hike the Pololu Valley

We revisited the Pololu Valley and hiked down to the bottom once more. Previously, earthquake damage had closed the Pololu Valley trail, but it is once again open - and it is a hike that you must do! The scenery is breath-taking with the rough ocean waves crashing against the sea cliffs and black sand beach on one side, and the densely forrested valley on the other. Like all things on the Big Island, the Pololu Valley is diverse and fertile. From this photo, you can see the series of gorges and valleys from the Pololu Valley (foreground) leading to the Honokane Nui, and eventually to the Waimanu Valley and ending up in the Waipio Valley. We saw swimmers braving the rough waters and a variety of hikers from young kids to older enthusiasts. The hike is an easy one, about 25-minutes from the parking lot at the lookout. Drive north from Kona and take Highway 270 to the end and park at the overlook.

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