New Kilauea Lava Flow Ravages Kalapana

Late July 2010 has brought a re-invigorated lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The Pu’u O’o vent has brought shifting lava flows over the years - many have been inocuous ocean entry lava flows that culminate in orange oozing lava being doused by the Pacific Ocean along the rocky coast.  But recently, the lava flow has once again shifted to the east, threatening neighborhoods in the previously lava-devastated town of Kalapana.  When the lava flows, the people will flock.     

The town of Kalapana was originally devastated years ago from the gushing lava rivers spewed by the merciless Kilauea Volcano.  The County has allowed visitors to approach within safe viewing distance to watch the awesome scene.

Kilauea Lava Flow at Kalapana

Kilauea Lava Flow Creeps Across Kalapana Road

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Kilauea Volcano’s latest activity has attracted close to 2,000 people in just the last part of July.   Volcanoes National Park staff is are trying to keep people from walking on the unpredictable crust.    

Lava flowing from the Puu Oo vent has come within yards of several homes in Kalapana and covered parts of highways 130 and 137.   “Gary Smith’s house is the closest. He was evacuated on Monday, but returned last night to monitor things. Observers said he could get lucky.   

“Gary’s house is the two-story house on the edge of the lava. He might be OK. It’s burning up the grasses on his yard and it’s up to his gazebo but it hasn’t touched him and I think he might be OK,” said photographer Leigh Hilbert.  People got to see a display Monday night when a finger of fast moving lava broke free.   

 Geologists said it appears the flow has slowed down and are more hopeful nearby homes will be spared.   


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A fresh surge of lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano force a couple and their dogs to evacuate their home, which was being surrounded by the molten rock.   

The lava came to within about 300 feet of their residence, sparking several forest fires and crossing an access road.   

Vulcanologists and civil defense officials say they hope the lava will stop moving parallel to the coast and begin flowing directly to the ocean, away from any more structures.   

Lava flows in 1987 buried much of the Royal Gardens subdivision, which was located near the boundary of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.   

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