Question: Are weddings allowed on Punalu'u Beach?

We received this question via email: Are weddings allowed on Punalu’u Beach?


Answer: Punalu’u Beach Park is a operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  There is no restriction that bars weddings from happening at Punalu’u Beach.  Beach weddings are very popular in Hawaii - and specifically on the Big Island.  Although, most Big Island weddings occur on the sunny Kona coast (at places such as Anaehoomalu Beach Park), Punalu’u is a very pretty beach - and weather permitting, can be a great place for a wedding.  One thing to note - there aren’t many hotels nearby.  The closest hotels are at the Volcanoes National Park or the town of Hilo.


In addition to the beautiful black sand beach, there is plenty of parking and full-service bathrooms.


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  1. Brianna says:

    Will there be a cost or any requirements for a wedding on Punalu’u?

    • Letsgo-Hawaii says:

      There are no requirements or costs associated with your wedding at Punalu’u Beach. That said, of you planning to have hundreds of guests there may be permitting issues with the county. If it is a small intimate ceremony, you’ll be fine.

      Where are you planning to have your reception?

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