One Day is Not Enough for the Big Island

Recently, friends of mine were visiting the Big Island from the mainland and used the website to help plan their upcoming trip. They were planning on visiting Oahu and then the Big Island. They took a look at the website and spoke with me and then started to plan their itinerary. Unfortunately, they only allowed themselves one day for the Big Island - flying interisland early in the morning, renting a car, then departing late at night back to Oahu.

I tried my best to entice them to stay for more than one day in order to see all that the Big Island had to offer. Sure enough, their trip to the Big Island was a whirlwind tour with a very quick pace to visit just a few of the attractions. They ended up flying into Hilo, driving up to Akaka Falls, then down to the Volcano Park and sightseeing and hiking until the end of the day.

I can’t emphasize it enough for those planning trips to the Big Island — there is just too much to see and the Island is so big and spread out that one day is just not enough. You have to allow yourself several days (at least) to see the attractions, and even then, you will probably have to just pick a few things your really want to do and stick to them - or you’ll end up with an overwhelming trip with a tight itinerary and no time to enjoy the sights or soak it all in. Remember, the Big Island is bigger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined and the attractions are spread out throughout its coasts, mountains, and inland highlands.

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