Rainbow Falls State Park, Hawaii

Virtual Tour: Take a Virtual Tour of Rainbow Falls The 80-foot Rainbow Falls is renowned for the rainbow formed from its mist many mornings.  Legends say that the cave beneath the waterfall was the home of Hina, mother of the demigod Maui.  The most dramatic time to view these falls is after a rain, this is when the greatest volume of water … [Read more...]

Continental Airlines Flights from the Mainland Direct to Hilo

Back in the 1980's, when Hilo was making its move to become a major tourist destination in the Hawaiian Islands, There were several major airlines that flew direct from the US mainland to Hilo Airport.  In recent years smaller airlines such as ATA have done so on a non-regular basis.  After they went bankrupt, there was no longer air service to … [Read more...]

The Green and Fertile Big Island

One of the most striking things first felt by new and recurring visitors to Hawaii, is the overwhelming sense of fertility, the lush vegetation, the sweet smelling flowers and orchids right when you get off the plane in the open air airport. Right as you arrive, the wonderful smells of plumeria flowers, blooming orchids, and tropical flowers and … [Read more...]

Snorkeling at Leleiwi Beach (Hilo)

Who says the diving in Hilo isn't good? I recently went back to Leleiwi Beach Park, where I have dived dozens and dozens of times. I still enjoy it each time - there is abundant coral and fish life, and the main attraction the 10-30 turtles that you will see each dive. I'll make this post more of a photo essay:     The water conditions were … [Read more...]