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Check the latest Kilauea volcano lava flow update, or call the Park at (808)985-6000.

Take a Virtual Tour of the active Kilauea lava flow. View our Lava Flow Photos to see lava at the Kilauea volcano.

Watching the active Kilauea lava flow is very rewarding. One highly anticipated event at Kilauea volcano is the approach of a new lava flow to the sea. Visitors in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park line up to watch one such event on the south coast. There are few places on earth where you can walk alongside a lava flow, hear it crackle and hiss, and actually see the creation of new land, see how the earth is formed. Each passing day, the Kilauea eruption is adding size to the island of Hawaii, as the land mass grows.





Chasing Lava

Big Island


When conditions are favorable, visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park can hike over hardened lava for an close-up views of active flows. Depending on the lava conditions that day, you may be able to walk right up to a lava field as the red lava is bubbling out of the ground. In these videos we were able to step within inches of the active surface lava flow and photograph the phenomenon.

Other times, when it is a ‘water entry", you are able to stand on the cliff and down below, as the night is getting darker, you can look into the sea and see the advancing lava flow into the ocean as the red lava lights up the night.

Check out our Lava Hikingsection for information and tips on how to hike to the lava flow.


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