Question: What Should I Wear at the Mauna Kea Summit?

We received the following question by email: My wife and I will be visiting the Big Island in the end of July/early August. We plan on hiking around Volcano a bit and the Mauna Kea summit. I am trying to plan ahead and purchase things a bit at a time. I keep reading that in these places, a "light" rain jacket is needed. For me, a "light" jacket is … [Read more...]

Drive to the Mauna Kea Summit

Peaking at an elevation of 13,796 ft MSL, you can see the majestic Mauna Kea volcano from almost any point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Often in the winter, Mauna Kea will receive snow fall. The sight of a snow-capped volcano in the backdrop as you lounge on a sunny Kohala beach is truly spectacular. My favorite view is from the higher elevations … [Read more...]