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There are many resources online that can help you book your tickets, find bargain accommodations, and plan all of your activities.  Most people nowadays will use online airline travel reservation websites to search for cheap airfare.  For a destination like Hawaii, what time of year you plan on visiting can impact the airline ticket price by as much as 50% or more.  Using the right airline bookings site can help you forecast in advance when tickets are cheaper and help you find the dates and times that are most reasonably priced.

The same travel sites can also help you find the cheapest rental cars, and the best hotel rooms or vacation rentals.  When on vacation in a place like Hawaii, it is all about location.  Most people will visit the big island and spend most of their time outside the hotel going to the beach, sightseeing, and doing a number of different activities.  Therefore, it is important when searching online to find the hotel or vacation rental property that is near all the places you plan on visiting or near all of the activities are interested in doing.  When searching for hotel properties online, scrutinize what amenities are offered at that hotel.  Is there free Internet connection in your room?  Is there a pool for your kids?  How close are you to other restaurants, especially restaurants outside of the hotel premises?  Is parking widely available and how much does the hotel charge for parking?  Is your hotel really oceanfront as it is advertised?  In addition to the hotel booking web sites themselves, we like to cross reference hotel reviews, and google maps that shows exactly where the hotel is located and what restaurants, shops, and attractions are located nearby.

The big hotel booking websites will list all of the mainstream hotels, order them by price, and even offer you some customer reviews.  You will likely have to visit other sites to find information on some of the real bargains, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.  Although these options are not for every person or every family, many budget-minded travelers can find great savings by staying off-of-the-beaten-path.

Renting condos or vacation homes on the big island has become easier than ever.  There are now many great web sites that can help you choose your vacation rental property that include descriptions of the property, many photos, and even a way to directly book your stay online.  Some vacation rental websites are run by an intermediary and handles bookings for many properties.  Others offer websites run by the actual owners of the vacation rental properties themselves.  Either way, it is now very convenient to find availability and quickly book your next stay online.

When planning your visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, booking your airline tickets, hotel, and rental car is only the first step.  The next step is researching and planning all of your activities.  Our Big Island Activities section can help you to find the attractions that are most interesting to you and your family, browse photos, read insider tips, and even book the attraction online at great savings.  Our activities planner arranges the activities by category, such as hiking, snorkeling, and diving.  We also offer an interactive map of things to do on the Big Island that are linked to photos and videos of all of the places to go and attractions to see on the Big Island.  Planning on hiking on the Big Island?  Preview maps of the trails, difficulty and time required, and even view photos of the scenery and views to find out if you really want to go.  Searching for the best beaches on the Big Island?  Search by region, then read our descriptions and view the photos, and lastly take a look at the maps see you know how to get there.  Planning on snorkeling or diving?  You are underwater photos you know exactly what it’s going to look like underwater before you even get there.  We even recommend our favorites snorkeling and dive operators that we’ve been using for many years.

Lastly, take advantage of the interactive nature of online travel planning.  Most web sites will have a way to provide feedback or ask questions via email, or through the online blog.  Use these avenues to find out more about a topic, and to interact with other travelers online.

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