Magic Sands Beach Park, Kona (La’aloa Bay Beach Park)

Magic Sands Beach, Kailua-Kona, Big Island Hawaii

Magic Sands Beach, Kailua-Kona (Blake Handley)

Waves breaking at Magic Sands Beach

Waves breaking at Magic Sands Beach

Magic Sands Beach (La'a Loa Beach), Kona

Magic Sands Beach (La’a Loa Beach), Kona


La’aloa Beach Park – also known as Magic Sands or White Sands beach. This is another beautiful Big Island white sand beach, small and quaint and easily missed as you drive down Alii Drive. The beach is called Magic Sands because when rough surf hits, all of the sand is emptied off thebeach and Magic Sands Beach, Kona temporarily moved out to sea. No need to worry, it all comes back eventually. If the surf is up, you can see avid body-boarders and surfers here.

Kailua Kona Beach MapYou can get to La’aloa from Alii Drive,and, because of its proximity to nearby Kailua-Kona Hotels, it is often well-populated. There is always a lifeguard on duty here; facilities include: showers, bathrooms and a volleyball net.

This beach is located just North of Kahalu’u Bay Beach Park, right on Ali’i Drive. View map of White Sands Beach Park.

There is a really nice shore-break at Magic Sands. The waves can get moderately high and even curl on their way to breaking on the sandy shore. Often you will see a crowd of people relaxing in their beach chairs watching the breaking waves and the youngsters on their body boards. We have enjoyed body boarding for hours at this beach - just keep an eye out for the big Kahuna roller wave that will take you for a very hard ride! Parking is tight and many simply park alongside Alii Drive (even though there are no parking signs throughout).

Check out our Kona Snorkeling Section for more information on snorkeling.

Lifeguard Stand at Magic Sands

Lifeguard Stand (Blake Handley)

body surfing at magic sands beach

Body Surfing (Blake Handley)

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Magic Sands Beach, Kona

Magic Sands Beach at High Tide

Sit on the sand and watch the body-boarders

Sit and watch the body-boarders

Magic Sands Beach (La’loa Beach) at Low Tide

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Photos courtesy of Blake Handley

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