Kayak the Sea Caves Near Honaunau

View from Inside a Sea Cave

View from Inside a Sea Cave

The sea caves near Honaunau should not be missed! These are one of the secrets of the Big Island.  When visiting the Place of Refuge at Honaunau, you may want to rent a kayak and bring it along with you.  We suggest combining this kayak adventure with a trip to Captain Cook and Kealakekua Bay.

Launch your kayak at the boat ramp at the beach to the North of Honaunau (Ke Ala O Keawe Road, adjacent the entrance of the National Park).  Kayak West and then South around the point where the ruins are, Place of Refuge will be off your left-hand side.

Continue past the Park until you start to see dark lava rock cliffs in front of you.  As you approach, you will make out the caves carved into the rock face.  The persistent ocean has carved out these sea caves.  Although the waves may be surging the beach and shore, the caves themselves are calm and we were able to kayak right into them!  This area is named Alahaka Bay and is a popular snorkeling spot, although you must come by boat or kayak.

Feel free to enter the caves and view the spectacular rock formations and crystal clear waters.  If you bring a mask and snorkel, you can ease into the waters to do some snorkeling.  To kayak from the boat ramp to the caves takes about 25 minutes and is well worth your time.  For more information on kayaking the Big Island, check out our Hawaii Kayak Guide.  For more information on snorkeling at Honaunau, check out our detailed Kona Snorkeling Section.

You can also join a guided kayak and snorkel tour that will take you to this same location with guides leading the way and providing all the gear you need.

Sea Caves at Honaunau

Sea Caves at Honaunau

Sea Caves at Honaunau

Close-up of the Sea Cave


Sea Caves at Honaunau, Kona Hawaii
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Feeling adventurous?  Kayak to the Sea Caves at Keauhou Bay.

Sea turtle at HonaunauDirections - Take Rte 11 South from Kailua Kona for about 19 miles.  Take a right on Hwy 160 (Ke Ala o Keawe Rd) near the 104 mile marker.  Be sure to arrive early because parking is limited.

Sea Caves Snorkel and Kayak Adventure
Kayak the Sea CavesKayak along beautiful sea cliffs, over underwater lava tubes, into mysterious sea caves and go snorkeling in aqua waters filled with tropical reef fish!  After traveling along sea cliffs adorned with interesting arches and blowholes, you?ll kayak into a sea cave with pink walls and electric blue waters.  Explore a protected, clear, calm cove for snorkeling and swimming.

Sea Quest Ocean Rafting Adventure
Sea Quest Ocean Rafting AdventureJoin Sea Quest for a rafting adventure along the Kona Coast! Explore lava tubes and sea caves, and enjoy snorkeling at the Place of Refuge and Captain Cooks Landing!  After snorkeling, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking cruise along the Kona Coast taking in the spectacular coastline and exploring ancient lava tubes and sea caves.



Honaunau, Place of Refuge - Temple and Mausoleum

Temple as seen from lava shelf
Temple at Honaunau
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