Question - 10 Days on the Big Island

We received the following question by email: Aloha! I don't know if you're willing to help, but I am stumped and figured it doesn't hurt to ask. I am staying at Hilton Waikoloa Village for two weeks and in Hilo for 4 days. I have 10 more days on the Big Island. On what parts of the island should I stay? How would you divide 4 weeks on the Big … [Read more...]

Ocean Adventures

Green Sea Turtle, Leleiwi Beach, Hilo

Hawaii offers the promise of crystal- clear, azure-blue waters at temperatures averaging over 75 degrees. The temperature of our waters varies only five degrees from the hottest day in August to the coldest day in February. On a bright, sunny day there can frequently be up to 100 feet of visibility underneath the ocean's surface, creating ideal … [Read more...]

Things To Do on the Big Island


 View Larger Map The Big Island is Unique Hawaii is rich in culture and history for those who like to delve into the depths of the past. As the 50th state, Hawaii's population is composed of 60 ethnic groups, making it the most ethnically diverse state in the union. Polynesian culture prevails throughout ourstate, but every island has its … [Read more...]

Travel Itinerary: One Week on the Big Island

When planning their Big Island vacation, many visitors do not anticipate the huge size of the island and how much there is to see.  We recommend one week on the Big Island - this will allow you to see the attractions and still not feel rushed.  Below is a sample itinerary for a one week visit to the Big Island.  Because these schedules are just … [Read more...]

Travel Itinerary: Kona to Volcano in 12 Hours

Kona to Volcano The drive from Kona to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is lengthy at 2.5 hours each way, but well worth the trip.  The Kilauea Volcano is the highlight of many visitor's Big Island vacation.  Make sure you plan your trip accordingly of you plan to drive back to Kona late at night after viewing the Kilauea lava … [Read more...]

Travel Itinerary: Kona to Volcano + Hilo in 2 Days

Ocean Entry Lava Flow, Kilauea

      Kona is paradise for beach-goers and sunbathers.  A must see attraction is the Kilauea Volcano located on the eastern (wind-ward) side of the island.  A lot of visitors to the Big Island will spend all of their time at the beach and unfortunately miss out on many wonderful natural attractions in and around … [Read more...]

Travel Itinerary: Hilo & Volcano in 8 Hours

Hilo Bay with Mauna Kea in Background

  Plan your Day in Hilo There is a lot to see in and around Hilo town, including the impressiveVolcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens.  Whether you are a cruise-ship passenger or just short on time, you may only have one day to see everything,  If you only have one day to see the … [Read more...]

Travel Itinerary: Hamakua Coast in 8 Hours

    Plan your Day North of Hilo There is a lot to see in and around Hilo town, including the impressive Volcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens.  Whether you are a cruise-ship passenger or just short on time, you may only have one day to see everything,  If you … [Read more...]

Hawaii Gear

If you are looking for adventure on the Big Island, make sure you are outfitted with the right gear.  In this article we will share with you some of the gear that we use when we pursue our adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii Hydration is paramount.  I learned a valuable lesson when we ran out of water on a hike in the volcano with 5 uphill … [Read more...]

Island Hopping

body surfing at magic sands beach

  Island hopping means taking a short plane ride from one Hawaiian island to another.  To quote a friend of mine - "if you are going to fly all the way to Hawaii, you might as well visit more than one island!"  Many people will plan to visit more than one island on their Hawaiian vacation.  Visiting, or "hopping" from one island to another … [Read more...]