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Whitemouth Eel Video
Whitemouth Eel Video

Eel Swimming Video
 Eel Swimming Video

Honaunau is justifiably one of the most popular dive sites on the Big Island.  Visibility here extends beyond 100 ft.  Honaunau is a marine wildlife preserve and you can see this immediately upon entering the water. Here you can either dive deep or stay in the shallows, we recommend bringing two tanks and doing both. When you get into the water, snorkel out into the bay and descend when you see a sand patch with "Aloha" spelled out in cinder blocks (watch the video to the left). There is a drop off with a wall of plate coral on the left side of the bay. Straight out into the bay, the reef continues down to 70 ft. To the North, it extends to almost 100 ft. Honaunau is an active harbor, so watch out for boat traffic to and from the boat ramp. At Honaunau you will find many sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, moray eels, a myriad of tropical fish and coral. You may see spinner dolphins in the bay as well.  


Green Eel Video
Green Eel Video


Green Eel Whitemouth Eel
Trigger Fish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa) Turtle Swimming
Moray Eel Hiding Behind Coral Coral Reef


Take a Virtual Tour of a Hawaiian Coral Reef
More info and photos of the Hawaii Green Sea Turtle


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