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Hawaii Diving Photos

View Moray Eel Video

The underwater world off the Big Island's Kona Coast is known as a premier destination for SCUBA divers. And why not? Its calm, crystal clear water, protected from standard trade-wind patterns by two sprawling mountain masses, often allow visibility in excess of 100 feet making the view of the spectacular marine landscape and its teeming sea life a diver's dream.

Check out our new Manta Ray Diving section with new photos and videos.

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Dragon Moray Eel at Eel CoveThe Dragon Moray Eel is one of the rarest and most sought after eels in the world. Due to this eel's aggressive and predatory nature it is often difficult to keep with other marine life, including other eels. 

The dragon moray eel is one of the Dragon Moray Eelmost visually striking creatures on the reef. Although their body markings seem to be gaudy, the color patterns are perfect camouflage as the eels poise motionless among the bumpy textures of the reef. The camouflage markings continue inside their open mouths as they lay in ambush.


Dragon Moray Eel

Dragon Moray Eel

Garden Eels coming out of their sand burrowsGarden Eels Cove is a popular night dive location in Kona.  It is a short boat ride north from Honokohau Harbor.  This is the site for the world-famous Manta Ray night dive.  In addition to the Manta Rays that come here to feed at night, there is a variety of sea life and a vibrant reef to see as well.  The cove is named after the Garden Eels that reside here.  From a distance these eels resemble a field of seagrass, but as you draw nearer you begin to notice that this grass miraculously disappears in response to your approach! In most cases these eels are quite shy and rarely allow you to approach closer than about 5-10 feet before vanishing into their burrows.

Crab at Garden Eels Cove
Crab at Garden Eels Cove
Coral reef and fish at Garden Eels Cove
Vibrant reef and fish
Whitemouth Moray seen at Garden Eels Cove
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Kona Manta Ray Dive
Manta Ray Diving

Manta Ray Swoops through Plankton
Manta Ray at Night
Kona Manta Rays Night Dive
Manta Ray Overhead

At night, sea life not normally seen during the day come out.  A variety of invertebrates, crustaceans, and many fish that only hunt at night can be seen.  We routinely see crabs, shrimp, lobsters, jelly fish, and moray eels feeding.

Underwater Videos at Honaunau Place of Refuge

Whitemouth Eel Video
Whitemouth Eel Video

Eel Swimming Video
 Eel Swimming Video
Green Eel Video
Green Eel Video


Coral Reef and Fish

School of Convict Tangs

Golden Arches Dive Site

Turtle at Anaehoomalu Bay

Puffer Fish at Honaunau

Raccoon Butterfly Fish

Sea Urchin close up

White Mouth Moray
at Honaunau

Sea Turtle over Coral Reef
at Honaunau

Turtle at Honaunau

Yellow Margin Moray Eel

Turtle at Honaunau

Yellow Margin Moray

Yellow Margin Moray

Raccoon Butterfly Fish

Yellow Margin Moray Eel

Moray Eel's Head

Coral Reef Reflections

Parrot Fish

Blue Fin Trevally

Coral Reef and Fish

Dolphins at Honaunau

Dolphins at Honaunau

Lizard Fish

Sea Turtle Sun Rays

Bright Reef Fish

SCUBA Diving Bubbles

These underwater photos were taken at various dive sites off of the Kona coast.  On the Big Island, you will find ample opportunity to take part in a variety of both boat dives and Big Island shore dives.

For more underwater photographs, photo essays, and detailed travel-logs, read our Big Island Hawaii Blog online now.

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Snorkeling Tours of the Big Island
We offer a variety of guided snorkel tours for all ages and abilities.  Designed for beginners and adventurers alike, you’ll paddle along the scenic Kohala Coast and enjoy excellent snorkeling in warm, clear Hawaiian waters.  Discover the Big Islands most remote snorkeling spots along the pristine Kohala Coast, Pawai Bay, Kealakekua Bay, and more.  Check out our large sail and snorkel tours and our exciting zodiac tours for smaller groups.

Body Glove Snorkel Dolphin Sail
Body Glove SnorkelGo sailing with Body Glove Cruises - see playful Hawaii dolphins, and snorkel with brilliantly colored tropical fish and sea turtles on a snorkeling adventure at Pawai Bay, near Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii!  The whole family will love the 15-foot waterslide, and the high-dive platform makes a big "splash" with the kids, as well as those who are kids at heart.

Fair Wind Kealakekua Bay Snorkel
Captain Cook Snorkel Slide down the Fair Wind II's water slide into the pristine waters of Kealakekua Bay, a marine sanctuary, and enjoy snorkeling or diving with 80-100 feet visibility!  Everything you’ll need for snorkeling is provided – masks, snorkels, fins, etc.

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