Akaka Falls State Park
Akaka Falls State Park houses the iconic Akaka as well as Kahuna falls, of Hawaiian legend. Easy access from road with short lookout walk. read more

Kahalu’u Beach Park
The cove is almost completely surrounded by a partially submerged rock wall that keeps read more

Kapoho Bay
Located on the Easter Side of the Big Island, Kapoho bay is one of the sunniest spots on the island! read more

Punaluu Black Sand Beach
Punaluu Beach Park
Famous blacksand beach of the big island, Punaluu is located on the southeastern Kau coast. read more

Akaka Falls State Park
Akaka Falls State Park, located only a short drive from Hilo. offers the opportunity to see two gorgeous waterfalls on one short hike. The pleasant 0.4-mile paved, uphill hike will walk you through lush vegetation typical of a rainforest climate readmore

Akaka Falls State Park
The cascading Kahuna Falls will be the first waterfall on the path. While there is a viewing platform, the lush vegetation significantly limits the views to the Kahuna Falls. Walking an additional 800 ft along the loop will lead you to Akaka Falls readmore

Waipi’o Valley
The valley of the kings, waipio is one of the big islands most beutiful waterfalls and valleys. Entering the vally is difficult, but worth the trip. read more